View Full Version : [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Request for super-newbie samba guide.

July 22nd, 2008, 05:09 PM
Hi. I have been trying to set up shares between my two machines (1. ubuntu desktop. 2. WinXp laptop) so I could hopefully sync some files, since Dapper. So far I have achieved this:

--- Set up windows machine to share folders on the network and access them from ubuntu. ---

However, this is not the best option since I would rather my desktop machine to be the "server" ,lets say, and be the one that hosts the shared files which I would then sync with my laptop. So this is what I need:

--Set up ubuntu to share files, without making my system vulnerable.
--Set up Winxp to access those files.
--(optional, but desired as well).Get a solution to sync between both
--Get a laptop that runs linux (but that will come later :) )

Points to consider:

--Gui or CLI guidance is acceptable as long as it is complete (more than one methods are desired, I really want to learn how to do this in many ways, easy and difficult as well)

--Please do not point me to other links/guides. I have read them, tried them but I always failed at some point on all of them, either by not understanding something, something not working, or whatever reason.

-- Please, guide me through, as if you were doing it yourself while tutoring a child :) . Networks are not my strong point. I really need an idiot proof path to success.

Thanks in advance, even for taking the time to read this :).

July 23rd, 2008, 03:24 PM
I managed to figure it out myself with a little help from the folks at ubuntu-gr

Just for the sake of helping others here are the steps taken:

1. Through Nautilus right click a folder.
2. Choose Share and make the appropriate selections (check guest access as well at first just to make sure it works and disable it later on of u like).
3. Make sure firewalls on both machines allow pings between them.
4. If all goes well u should be able to see the shares now.
To require password:
4. Open a terminal and type:

sudo smbpasswd -a your_username_here
sudo smbpasswd -e your_username_here

I had to create a user with the same username and password as my ubuntu box to get access to the shares, though.

As for syncing you have two options:

1. Install cygwin + rsync on windows
2. Install synctoy (from microsoft powertoys).

I did the latter but I am having some issues with text formatting on text files for some reasons. Anyway. good luck!!!