View Full Version : [all variants] Upgraded to Hardy - kernel not updated in GRUB

July 21st, 2008, 12:34 AM
So I upgraded to Hardy a week ago, I have 2 ubuntu installs on this box, one's 64 bit that I don't use (nor can I log in to as I forgot the credentials), and the 32bit which I use 100% of the time. After the update and kernel upgrade, the new kernel's not listen in the GRUB boot menu. The kernel IS in menu.lst. I've tried update-grub and such - no luck. I belive the problem is because the 64bit inst. was installed after the 32, in which the GRUB boot is taken from the menu.lst of the 64bit install - I'd try to update-grub on there, but I cannot log into it. Any ideas?

EDIT: I just got a suggestion on IRC that doing grub-install on the drive would redo everything with the new kernels. Does anyone agree with this - I want an additional 'yes' before I do it.

EDIT: I did the above, fixed.