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July 20th, 2008, 07:59 PM
Hi all.

I'm a brand new ubuntu user (3 days old in fact - how cute!) and am generally impressed by the OS. It's refreshing to use something new, and especially good to move away from Micro$oft!

However, one particular gripe I'm struggling with is video compatibility. I'm running on an x86 (P4) laptop with an Nvidia GForce Go (5356 I think) video card, and I can't seem to set it up properly for the life of me.

Now firstly, I am aware that my card is in fact no longer supported by the manufacturer and that no new drivers for windows had been released for a number of years when I tried to update them on my old OS.

However, I've installed the latest available driver as recommended but things seem rather unstable - the screen is doing some odd things indeed. Some of these anomalies include:

-slow update of text / sprites. As I'm typing this my cursor is moving correctly, but the letters I'm typing don't always appear until 1 or 2 keypresses later. When I delete text it sometimes stays where it is until I 'overtype' it. Sprites leave a kind of feedback trail of themselves occasionally when moving.

-fullscreen 3d apps / games not fullscreening - my max resolution is limited to a rather substandard 1024 x 768 on this laptop, and therefore I like to run games at full resolution (if possible) so that they don't look like complete cack. However, they seem to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode seemingly at random. I can't get them to stay in either for very long.

-games freezing - so far I've downloaded and played a few of the available games which you may or may not be familiar. I used to play the Win32 version of Scorched3d so I enthusiastically downloaded it and fired it up. So far it's minimised itself unexpectedly a couple of times, and when it does it stays as a white screen when I maximize it again (unplayable). A couple of the FPSes have done the same.

What can I do?

Oh, and I know I'm lazy, but is there a shortcut in ubuntu for the system monitor? I'm still used to Ctrl/Alt/Del, but don't wanna keep logging out, lol. A shortcut for 'view desktop' would also have been nice when some of these crashes occurred. Is there one of those?

Thanks in advance (sorry for tl;dr!)

July 21st, 2008, 01:07 AM
Hi and welcome to Ubuntu!

You can customize the shortcuts in System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts. If you right click on System>Administration>System Monitor there's an option to add it to the panel. Ctl+alt+backspace will restart Gnome. Alt+tab switches between applications. Doing a search for control alt delete will probably turn up tons of other "good to know" kinds of things.

Sorry I can't really help you with the driver problem. Many people have found Envy to be very useful, that might be worth a shot. You can install it through Synaptic and it has legacy drivers.