View Full Version : [other] Router buying advice

July 18th, 2008, 07:12 PM
My current router stopped working recently and now I'm stuck with a piece of **** that needs resetting every 2 days, I also have a WRT54GL that connects the rest of my computers to the local network which works perfectly except it's only 100mbps.

Since I have to buy a new router because the WRT54GL doesn't have the ADSL thing to connect the standard phone line to get internet I was thinking about buying something that will replace both.

It needs to have a 1000 mbps switch with atleast 4 ports, wireless and being able to load custom firmwares would be a nice plus, like tomato firmware or DD-WRT but most important is reliability.

Can anyone advise me on what models that have theses features and what to consider buying?