View Full Version : Linux/Windows admin console open sourced

November 4th, 2005, 06:18 PM
"Centeris has decided to open source part of its Likewise Management Suite software.
The company has put the software on SourceForge, rather than its own website, as a way to ensure a wide distribution, according to Centeris CEO Barry Crist. "SourceForge is the first place developers look for open-source projects," he said. The download will be available from 18 November.
"So far, Likewise only supports the two leading Linux distributions from Novell and Red Hat. Should Centeris see customer demand for support for other Linux distributions, it may provide them or look to the open-source community to do so, Crist said. The startup's ultimate goal for Likewise Open Agent is to have the software ship with Linux distributions, he added, and Centeris is already in talks with the distribution companies."