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July 15th, 2008, 09:01 AM
Due to ongoing problems with Firefox gobbling up all my available RAM when it runs into Javascript it doesn't like, I have made the switch to Opera. This has not been without some degree of pain and regret however, as I have been forced to leave many of my beloved addons and other needful things behind :( One of my most fondly-regarded extensions was 'Vimperator' -- the plucky little UI modification that makes Firefox look and behave like everyone's favourite text editor, Vim.

To my surprise and delight, however, someone went to the trouble of writing a little script which reassigns the default Opera keyboard mapping such that the majority of Vimperator's keyboard shortcuts are carried over. The script even includes some Javascript which gives you the much-beloved hint function in Opera for truly mouseless browsing :P

Get over to this guy's blog (http://my.opera.com/Blazeix/blog/2008/07/04/vimperator-for-opera) if you're interested, and follow the instructions contained therein.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite have the !ZoMG! factor of Vimperator, because (as the author explains) it's not modular in nature, unlike Vim and Vimperator :( But it's still pretty darn neat, and makes the transition a little easier... for me, at least.