View Full Version : [ubuntu] "no operating system" messages after clean install of gutsy

July 14th, 2008, 06:51 PM
Hi, After I'd installed gutsy on my SATA drive, I can't get it to boot at all.

I have 1 250gig SATA and 1 20gig PATA drive. On the last page of the install wizard on the live CD, there is a button called 'Advanced...', if you click that, it gives you options on where to put the boot loader. default seems to be (hda0). I've tried changing this to (sda0), but it made a fatal error occur at the end of installation.

Any ideas??

P.S. Sorry if the posts all over the place :)

ok, the problem seems to have been fixed by changing (hda0) to (hda1)! NEVER MIND!