View Full Version : [ubuntu] First update(and reboot)"out of range"

July 10th, 2008, 10:42 PM
I just installed Ubuntu 8,04 on a HD along side SUSE. Everything was cool, looked arround Ubuntu and then proceeded to do my first update, which I was being encouraged to do (243MB). After downloading, I was instructed to reboot.
I now have a blank screen with my monitor telling me I am out of range ?
1024 x 768 H =68.8 V = 85.1 Clock = 184
My video card is Nvidea which I have never known to have Linux issues

I see other posts for "out of range" at the beginning of installation, however I though I should bring this to someone's attention sinse it seems to have been caused by the update download.

PS: for now I am stuck using SUSE