View Full Version : [ubuntu] Error: No TV Decoder/ 8.04 / Pinnacle DC30+

July 8th, 2008, 07:09 PM

Strange problem here. My Pinnacle Miro DC30+ (Zoran chipset) is detected at startup but whenever I try to use it I get I/O errors.

List of modules -

$lsmod|grep zr

zr36016 7560 1
zr36050 11144 1
zr36067 180880 0
compat_ioctl32 11136 1 zr36067
i2c_algo_bit 8452 1 zr36067
videocodec 10280 3 zr36016,zr36050,zr36067
i2c_core 28544 5 adv7175,vpx3220,zr36067,i2c_algo_bit,nvidia
videodev 30720 1 zr36067

(Ubuntu 8.04(amd64) on Intel Q9300x4, NVidia graphics)

I get the following showing up in dmesg:

[ 961.213690] DC30plus[0]: no TV decoder loaded for device!

Anyone come across this before?

Output from $ lavrec -f a -i P -a 0 -v 2 -d 1 test.avi

INFO: [lavrec] Recording parameters:
INFO: [lavrec] Output format: AVI
INFO: [lavrec] Input Source: S-Video PAL

INFO: [lavrec] Decimation: 1
INFO: [lavrec] Quality: 50
INFO: [lavrec] Recording time: -1 sec
INFO: [lavrec]
INFO: [lavrec] MJPEG buffer size: 256 KB
INFO: [lavrec] # of MJPEG buffers: 64
INFO: [lavrec] Audio disabled
--DEBUG: [lavrec] Maximum size per file will be 1739 MB
**ERROR: [lavrec] Error opening video-device (/dev/video0): Input/output error
++ WARN: [lavrec] Not ready for capture (state = 0)!
Press enter to start recording>Segmentation fault