View Full Version : [ubuntu] No Sound on youtube, and keyboard controllers dosn't work!

July 7th, 2008, 07:58 AM
I'm using Ubuntu 8.04, but I don't have sound in youtube. I have ASUS M2N-SLi motherboard, with c-media 7.1 sound card. How could I fix it?
And the second problem is that I have keyboard with multimedia buttons. But when I try to use Volume +/- or Mute, it doesn't control actual sound. Is there any drivers for that? I have simple logitech key with gray armrest (there is just one model with it). When I press some of volume control buttons it shows this nice onscreen volume popup, but it doesn't control sound at all. Maybe in Ubuntu 8.04 there is different sound control way. Is it possible to set it up to work like in MS or OSX?

Thank you!