View Full Version : [all variants] New user graduates from Web-TV to Ubuntu

July 6th, 2008, 07:48 AM
My friend won a 450 MHz Celeron box as a door prize last year. It had Ubuntu-7.10 on it. It replaced her Web TV. Shortly after, we ordered low-end DSL, and bought her a domain name for receiving email.

Her Web TV didn't have a mouse, only arrow keys. She hadn't used a mouse before. She picked up using the email and browser parts of Iceape right away. The upgrade to 8.04 LTS came in and she just didn't realize it was special and just let it through. She called me because the Iceape icon in the panel was lost in the upgrade and I had her make a new one and that was it. I don't think she's tried the HTML composer. There was an Epson printer-scanner-fax with the Web TV and the CUPS driver just works. I don't think she's tried faxing and scanning.

I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be using a computer today if we'd tried to move her from Web-TV to MS-Windows. Ubuntu updates itself for free and doesn't break. Her only complaint is the slow performance of GNOME and Iceape on a Celeron. Her roommate wants to know how to use it with an iPod.

July 7th, 2008, 05:21 AM
With regards to the slow performance, seeing as that sounds like a very low end computer, I'm quite sure something lighter-weight like fluxbox would run much smoother. With regards to web browser-ness, though it's still a bit feature light, take a look at arora. There are no packages available for it yet, but I've found that it's lightning fast and works well.