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July 5th, 2008, 07:01 PM
Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I got a nasty virus on my laptop which was running XP at the time. I decided to just reformat with Ubuntu instead of having to worry about all the crap that goes along with Windows. So I did that, and have been extremely happy with Ubuntu in the recent weeks. My only problem has been a lack of games.

So this weekend I decided to try to get it to dual boot, using windows for only gaming. I stuck my toshiba recovery disk in the drive and went through the recovery install, formatting the drive etc. It appeared that everything went alright, it got to the point where it asked me to remove the CD and hit a key to restart. When I did that, it came up with an error: grub loading stage 1.5. Grub loading, please wait...error 17.

I tried once more and got the same response. I then decide to give up for the time being and just reinstall Ubuntu. Well I get the Ubuntu install environment running (my disk has feisty fawn on it, I just DL the newer version through updates), and the install gets to 49% and just hangs. It has now done this three times. I have let it sit at 49% for 3+ hours so it is not just being slow.

So now my laptop has been replaced by a brick and I have no idea what to do. Keep in mind I know very little about linux.

Help? please?

July 5th, 2008, 07:17 PM
If you want dual boot is recommended to install windows first and then linux.Here is what I would recommend:
If you have some important files, boot with the live CD and save them somewhere.
Insert the windows CD, format the drive and install windows.
Create a special partition for Ubuntu (about 10-15 GB should do it).
Install Ubuntu on that partition.
Enjoy the wonderful life of Ubuntu users :).
Hope this helps.Try it and tell me if it worked.

July 5th, 2008, 07:22 PM
I think you misunderstood, at this point I don't care if the thing dual boots or not. I just don't want it to be a brick. I don't care about any of the data on the machine either. If it were as easy as just formatting and installing, I wouldn't be having any problems. The problem is that neither Ubuntu nor Windows will install now.

July 5th, 2008, 07:54 PM
A couple of things to try.
Run the media check option - make sure your Ubuntu CD is ok.

Get a super grub disk. After installing windows. Use the super grub disk to change the MBR to boot windows.