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July 5th, 2008, 02:46 AM
We have logical or software support for RAID in Ubuntu Linux.

What I want to know is if it's possible to setup a software RAID for the optical drives? Just having fun with the idea that maybe I could strip my Live CD across two or more optical drives, which that's part of my questions too-having boot support like you do(or don't) with an SATA card.

You know blu-ray's starting speed of 2x is 9MB per second which is about half as fast as regular DVD 18x. I think the next DVD format should have been red laser RAID 0. When did speed and price stop mattering? I see blu-ray like the Intel Itanic CPU where companies are more interested in getting our heads in a corner and give us a jolly good rogering, exploiting the community, rather then serving the community. When there's that much money at stake, it must be challenging for greedy little CEO's. I'd like to see blu-ray go down like the Itanic. Not that it's not a cool technology, but do you think that 9MB/s is the best that any of the manufacturers could do? These guys have this price performance thing mapped out for the next five years and they'll end up milking it for all it's worth is what they'll actually do, good intentions aside; unless there's an alternative.

With all the CPU power we have today, why not a software solution? With backup, it would take 40 hours of transfer time to do 1 TB of data, at blu-ray's 9 MB/s. Using RAID 0 DVD, hard drive speeds would be possible. For a business with that level of backup, you'd need disc changers, a DVD library, but you could use that for blu-ray down the road too, if they ever get real about the speed.

Thanks all for any consideration this gets.


And, yes, I Know, I could program it myself, but a few DOS batch programs...... I see the community as a whole, and we all have something to contribute. One of the things I've been pushing for or trying to promote is the idea of a contribution share ratio for the community. I could give ten bucks or ten grand and what difference would it make? It's a short in the dark. It means nothing because the value has no context. Communication is the foundation of community. The idea is that there's some sort of organization to the contribution system where you get a share ratio, like with bit torrent. How much time and energy has gone into the Ubuntu project? Then we could have various ways to contribute and everyone is challenged to get involved. Maybe I ship out 20 free CD's burns to people who requesting those and I get a $5 dollar contribution value to add to my share ratio. Or maybe I just give cash, and not just one time, but I look and I see my modest contribution is 1x.....what's 5x look like I wonder, how about 20x? This is a way to engaged the community, to empower the community to do more. I'd like to see every developer get at least a fair market value for their time programing. And maybe you already are. Maybe you guys are swimming in cash, you sly dogs. But I bet not, the same way if our bit torrent clients didn't have a share ratio; as much as I love bit torrent, if there was no feedback or share ratio, I probably wouldn't use it, and I seed all the time. That's an example of feedback empowering the community to do more, to get involved.

And I wish we had better support for bit torrent upgrades on Ubuntu. I just discovered I could use the alternative CD torrent for upgrades, which is nice(and why don't we promote that more so everyone knows). But I'd like to have all the update done by torrent, an option for that. I was thinking we could have apt catcher as an option on all installs, promote that, so everything we download comes through a central computer that can serve to the local network, and the torrents could save to that cache too. Pardon me for getting off on this, but I can hardly mention bit torrent and not talk about that. That also comes back to the idea of communication or community feedback, the contribution share ratio, because the bit torrent people could be doing a lot more to promote and manage community implementation. We could be lobbying law makes on internet issues and those guys would be better at trying to sell this to you guys, better then me, because they'd already have some ideas. But who's got time for that? Or do you?

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No fair deleting your posts Tony! Yes, we know, you're human. It's not all bad. Thanks for the reply though. LVM adds a twist.