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July 3rd, 2008, 06:20 AM
This what i have tried to get this card working.

I followed the instructions on linuxtv.org. I installed the firmware , then i did the make and make install of the v4l-dvb file.

After i rebooted i did the lsmod and all the tv stuff that was there before was gone. So i only did the make part and then rebooted and the modules were back !

Then i installed the repositories for me-tv and installed me-tv.

I started me-tv and it asked if i wanted it it make a channels.conf ? I said yes and it started scanning. It found 11 stations . Then it saved the channels.conf and started the me-tv viewing app. I got the following error/s at that time.

Me TV-Message: Exception message: 'Failed to evaluate XPath expression: '/epg/channel[@name="WGVU-HD\u0008\u0010"]/event''
Me TV-Message: 07/03/2008 01:03:03 - Exception in static gboolean Application::on_timer(void*): Failed to evaluate XPath expression: '/epg/channel[@name="WGVU-HD\u0008\u0010"]/event'
Me TV-Message: 07/03/2008 01:03:07 - Purging remaining EPG events
Me TV-Message: 07/03/2008 01:03:07 - EPG events purged
Me TV-Message: 07/03/2008 01:03:07 - Terminating application normally

XPath error : Invalid expression

And this is where i am a the moment. If anyone has any ideas my ears and eyes are open.

July 3rd, 2008, 06:45 AM

I copied the channels.conf that me-tv made and it had some strange box characters between the channel name and the numbers. I deleted the strange box characters and started me-tv and I HAD HDTV !!

My channels.conf looks like this :

FOX 17-DT1, West Michigan's Digital FOX!:503028615:8VSB:49:52:3
My ABC is WOTV4:509028615:8VSB:49:52:3
WXSP My Netwoerk TV:509028615:8VSB:65:68:4
WTLJ Digital Television:533028615:8VSB:49:52:3
24/7 WX:623028615:8VSB:65:68:2

All the above channels come in just like in windows and the sound is perfect so far. As i said in the previous post The modules disappeared after i did the make and make install. they reappeared when i only did the make. I hope i don't have to do that every time i start ubuntu ! Time will tell.

July 3rd, 2008, 12:09 PM
OK I did a cold restart of ubuntu 8.04 and did nothing to the pinnacle card install and just started up me-tv and it worked just as before so i guess the problem of HDTV in linus with a pinnacle 800i is solved.