View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can't install Ubuntu 8.04.

July 3rd, 2008, 05:03 AM

I'm actually runing XP and Kubuntu 6.something, can' remember right now. I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 and tried to install. I booted first on liveCD, it worked well, and then i started installing. When it reaches the part where it searches for disks to install, it says that i have NO hard disks to install to. Side note to that, I got the last suse from my dad and tried it, and got the same error. Anyone knows what's going on and/or how can i fix it?

I know it's not the disk, i actually downloaded it like 3 times and burnt those images untill i got a working disk (on minimal speed the one that worked).

That's it. Thanks in advance.

July 3rd, 2008, 05:18 AM
I'm not sure if I can help, but perhaps if you give us more information someone can

what kind of computer are you using? desktop/laptop? mac/pc? make & model?
What kind of hard drive do you have? did you install it yourself?

When you get to the hard drive installation screen, did you try clicking on "manual"? That may allow you to see your hard drive (just a guess)

Hope someone can help :)
Good Luck

July 3rd, 2008, 05:59 AM
My bad =P

It's a desktop PC, an AMD sempron 2800+, with 768 MB RAM, 160 GIgs Western Digital hard drive, Geforce 6800 aaaand that would be it. I installed every thing myself, and i asume it's all ok with the built cause i've been running this PC for about two years with that hardware config. I didn't do that manual thingy, i'll try it out and post the results. Thanks for the quick answer