View Full Version : [other] Mobo upgrade and RAID

June 30th, 2008, 12:49 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm a moderately skilled Linux user.
I have a server running Ubuntu 7.10x64 (Gusty Desktop) with a software RAID 5 array.
The processor is an Athlon X2 socket 939
The motherboard only recognizes the processor as an Athlon 64 socket939
The Disk configuration is:
PATA 0 Master: 10 Gig swap area
PATA 1 Master: DVD Burner
SATA 0: 250 GIG OS Drive
SATA 1-3: 3x500 Gig Drives in a RAID 5 = 1TB
SATA 4-7 (on card) open for expansion of RAID
The Network Card is an integrated Gigabit LAN Card

I was hoping there would be a way to upgrade the Motherboard without killing the OS / software RAID as 1 TB backed up onto DVDs would be alot of money / time. Can any of you help me with this. Also does anyone know where i could get a good dual core soc 939 board with 4 SATA slots for around 50 dollars?