View Full Version : [ubuntu] WN311T installed but wont connect

June 29th, 2008, 05:46 PM
Hi i am Using Ubuntu 8.04

i have wired connection but i have to sit next to the router, I did this to get what i need (ndis wrapper etc).

I want to get my WN311T USB WIFI working so i first installed wine, then i downloaded the latest installer for my WN121I which is 5.2. I installed it fine. I then installed ndis wrapper, i opened it and gave m the option to install new driver, i did so pointing to "NETMW245.inf" it seemed fine it showed it on the left and Hardware present:YES the light on the device was flashing too. I clicked in the computer icon for wireless and i get the list of wireless networks available i click on BeBox which is mine and type in the code (im using WPA2 Personal) it has identified this) i connect but it never makes it successfully. Once i managed to get it to work it showed the bars like a mobile phone but i couldn't access the internet.

Any thoughts? Im new to linux btw so bear this is mind when you reply lol thanks!

I did a search and other people have had problems but the installation to what i idid seems totally different? things like

ndiswrapper -m

ndiswrapper -ma

the thing i followed which is this (below) even says things like this but i thought ndis wrapper i was using is newer and it has an interface now?