View Full Version : [kubuntu] No Internet but KPPP works

June 29th, 2008, 05:45 PM
I have both local network and dial up internet. everything was working good. Until I came home and was told by family that they could not get on the internet any more. (Ahh yes - other users) I have looked at what I could think of and everything looks right but is not working correct. Three things seem to have happened at one time but my not all be connected.
1. KPPP does dial out and has good connection.
2. Browser and mail will not see that connection.
3. the system cannot see the rest of the network but I can still print on the network printer.
Oh also the KDE menu in the bottom left corner disappeared. I think that there is more than one thing wrong, the menu I can work around but the internet and networking are important. Thanks for any help.
Jim :confused: