View Full Version : [ubuntu] wireless problems with netgear WG111v2

June 28th, 2008, 08:22 PM
I recently set up a wireless network in my home, using a netgear router, and for other computers which I work at (two of which are ubuntu 8.04) the netgear WG111v2 usb wireless adapter.

I set up the drivers using a howto (basically, installing the drivers using ndiswrapper), the gist of which was as follows

All the following has to be done as a super user.

First blacklist any existing drivers that might conflict.


> gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (then add the following text to the bottom of the file: ...)

#Netgear conflicting drivers

blacklist islsm

blacklist islsm_pci

blacklist islsm_usb

blacklist prism2_usb

blacklist rtl8187

blacklist r8187b


> ndiswrapper -i <path to file>/netwg111.inf (install the drivers)

> ndiswrapper -l (check it's installed)

> depmod -a

> modprobe ndiswrapper (not sure what this does, but it says to do it)

> ndiswrapper -m (this may say "modprobe config already contains directive" but carry on)

> iwconfig wlan0 (should give some information)

> iwlist wlan0 scan (show information about access point, hopefully)

> gedit /etc/modules (then add the following text to the bottom of the file: ...)



Now insert the USB adaptor


> ndiswrapper -l (should now say driver installed, hardware present)


If there is a network configuration option in the System menu,

use it to set up the following settings:

ESSID = *******
WPA (or WPA2) passphrase = ******************

This seemed to work, since after following the above howto (which is paraphrased) I plugged in the usb adapter and it registered my network and connected. However after a reboot the usb adapter registers the network and 'connects' however, when I try to check the network using

iwlist wlan0 scan I am greeted by
wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning.

I hope someone can answer my question, or tell me what to look for, since I'd dearly like to ditch my 20 metre network cable...