View Full Version : [ubuntu] wireless device atheros

June 27th, 2008, 08:46 AM
Hallo every body.....,

I need help about wireless and vga in Acer 4520.
I installed ubuntu 8.04 on ACER 4520 with AMD Turion 64 x2, Nvidia GeForce 7000M, 512MB RAM and 120 GB of disk.

I tried many ways available from ubuntu forums and it solved either the wireless or the vga.
I tried using restricted linux drivers, the vga works and the the wireless device can be seen but does not work.

I also tried downloading madwifi driver and using wicd manager and the wireless work but once I installed the nvidia driver the wireless device disappear.
Oh ya, I tried using ndiswrapper, the device is there but could not connect.

Please help me solve this.