View Full Version : [ubuntu] World of Warcraft (Note of thanx)

June 26th, 2008, 08:43 PM
Well, this n00b did it...Got WoW up and running without much problem at all. I want to thank the makers of Wine! The graphics (for some reason) are better than they were on Windows XP Pro and have had no "bugs" that i have found yet at all. I didn't have much lag before on the XP installation, although in the big cities i would from time to time...now i get no lag whatsoever (unless it's server lag of course).

A few notes about my installation:

1. Installed Wine first and did the registration fix for OpenGL:

2. Alsa audio didn't work so in the Wine audio config i used OSS

3. Otherwise i just used the "walkthrough" from Ubuntu and when i did have small issues i was no more than a link or 2 away from the answer: