View Full Version : [ubuntu] Should I upgrade to Hardy? Is it worth it?

June 26th, 2008, 05:26 PM
I have Gutsy running just fine (finally) on my dual-boot system and the update manager keep bugging me to upgrade to Hardy. It took me months to get Gutsy running stable with the launcher bar at the bottom, Compiz and Emerald configured the way I like and the nVidia drivers working and the configuration for my Razer mouse and keyboard just right. So I'm wondering...Is it worth the upgrade? Will I lose my setup? I know that Compiz works, I did a wubi install as a third boot option just to see if it worked.

What are peoples arguments either way?

June 26th, 2008, 05:30 PM
I think that you may have to install some of the things that you have already configured like that mouse, however the update is supposed to leave all of your configurations intact. Many people argue that Hardy is unstable and that 7.10 works better. However I have Hardy installed in my two computers and it runs just fine. At the beginning I experienced some problems with Firefox and Pidgin, I suspect of some issue with PulseAudio but after some updates the system is very stable. I haven't had any kernel panics or system lockdowns like some users. So pretty much is up to you.

June 26th, 2008, 05:33 PM
If you have a working system that is accomplishing all of your needs with no issues, don't upgrade. I know that it is tempting to want to have the latest and the greatest, but I have found very little, if any, improvements in Hardy over Gutsy. Hardy has now started to become stable, but when it was first released it was a nightmare for a lot of upgraders.

If you find that any of your software starts failing you because of being outdated, then you might consider an upgrade to Hardy.

Just my opinion.


June 26th, 2008, 05:33 PM
Try a live cd of the latest Ubuntu and try it out before updating.

June 26th, 2008, 05:34 PM
I think there is an option to stop the update manager from notifying you about hardy.
And...in Hardy you wont need to do as much as you did for gutsy to make is stable (it is stable enough for me)
And about you dual-boot (if you use xp just repair the bootloader then it will be all fine) do the same for vista
Unless you are using grub.
If you want to keep your settings (i think you will have to backup your home directory)

BTW..i am triple booting.;)