View Full Version : Using Open Source Tools for STR7xx Cross Development

June 26th, 2008, 11:53 AM
This is a work done by Giacomo Fazio (aka l3golas) and Antonio Nasca, with the purpose to explain how to develop, run and debug embedded software on a class of ST microcontrollers (STR71x, STR73x, STR75x, based on the core ARM7TDMI), using only open-source solutions. In fact nowadays there are many proprietary IDEs (IAR, RealView, etc.) which allow building and debugging of produced code on microcontrollers easily and quickly, but the licences for those IDEs are very expensive. So using free solutions (GNUARM, OpenOCD, Eclipse, etc.) that allow to compile and download code on many microcontrollers using cheap interfaces can be the best solution for that problem. Moreover, if we consider that all those solutions are open-source, you can understand how these programs are improving more and more and could have tomorrow features that today arenít present or arenít working properly.

This work is divided in two parts:

* Relation on the work done and step-by-step tutorial about how to install and use all these open-source solutions, both in Windows and in Linux, similar to the tutorial written by James P. Lynch for the serie Atmel AT91SAM7S.
* Used software (programs, scripts, etc.)

You can download here (http://repo.intilinux.com/str/Using%20Open%20Source%20Tools%20for%20STR7xx%20Cro ss%20Development.zip) the zip file that includes everything.