View Full Version : [kubuntu] RaLink 2500 issues after installing new driver

June 26th, 2008, 10:28 AM
I recently decided to do some security testing using my desktop. Running Kubuntu Gutsy, I have not had any issues with my RaLink 2500 wireless card until now. I know it still works, because Kismet still see's networks, but the KNetworkManager seems not to work anymore, and I don't really know how to configure a network through the Konsole, and much prefer having the visual indication of my network status. Can anybody help me to get my wireless back up and running? Oh, and I think at some stage I put the card into monitor mode using airmon, but airmon doesn't seem to be installed on my machine :-S let me know any more info that you need. Thanks!

UPDATE: managed to get card out of monitor mode (airmon-ng) but still no idea what to do next