View Full Version : [ubuntu] kernel upgrade crypt fs no boot

June 26th, 2008, 02:13 AM
hey all.

i've installed 8.04 with {configure encrypted file system} when released ... upgraded to kernel generic (via synaptic a few days ago), and the update had seg.-faults. now {of course} the boot will not complete. {no root-on-loop configured, cryptsetup failed, etc.}

another kernel update today (2.6.24-19.34), but no help, still seg.-faults during synaptic update.

iv'e searched, to no avail. and i'm not in a position to dig much more to trouble shoot this. sry, but i'm swamped at work. i just need a laptop that works... and i can still boot to 2.6.24-18-generic without problems.

i'm hoping someone can give me the quick fix, iv'e missed.

AMD 64 alt-install with encrypted file system - no FAT, or special partitions, straight install with enc fs.

compaq presario R3000.

grub menu.lst looks fine.

more info on req.