View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can't connect to wireless network

June 25th, 2008, 10:32 PM
We've got a PC on the bottom floor (using Ubuntu 8.04) and a wireless router (an Orange Livebox, and yes I know it's not very good) two floors up, and I need to get the downstairs PC talking to the router upstairs. Wired networking is not an option, do not suggest it.

I'm attempting to get a WEP-encrypted connection (WPA can come later, I just want it to work first) but it never seems to work. The wireless networking card (an Edimax EW-7182G) can see the router ("livebox-EEB0") and I've definitely inputted the correct WEP key, but attempting to access the internet just fails. Changing from DHCP to zeroconf doesn't make a difference. I also tried connecting my Wii (on the same floor as the downstairs PC) to this router, with a similar amount of success.

I think I saw something related to the connection strength which said "50%", but I've no idea whether that's good or bad. I'm willing to get a new wireless router if it's needed, but I want to find out whether there's something else I'm doing wrong first.