View Full Version : [ubuntu] What file sharing do you use? SMB/NFS/SSHFS

June 25th, 2008, 07:22 PM
Do you set-up Linux file servers for multiple users?
If so, what do you prefer for your file sharing service.

1) SMB (Samba)
2) NFS (Linux native)
3) SSHFS (again Linux native and secure)
4) Other (Please specify)

I will edit this post to add links to my other posts about my findings for each.

I have been working on setting up Ubuntu file servers for several years now and tended to use Samba due to the networks having Windows clients.

Now I am starting to find customers asking for Linux clients so the networks are pure Ubuntu.

This poll should hopefully provide some insight to what is required to start making Ubuntu the perfect company desktop and server OS of choice. With simple HowTo's and tools for simple deployment and management.

June 25th, 2008, 07:55 PM
I like using Samba because it's really simple and works well with /etc/fstab mounting :D

When setting up samba, I do the following:

sudo adduser foo
sudo vim /etc/passwd

Then change the /home/foo:/bin/bash to /home/foo:/bin/false

sudo smbpasswd -a foo
vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Edit this config file to your liking, but as an example I'll show you something in mine:

path = /media/
browseable = yes
read only = no
guest ok = no
create mask = 0644
directory mask = 0755
force user = foo
force group = foo

Now, to add a samba server to your bootup, add something similar to your /etc/fstab file.

//Server/Downloads /media/Server/Downloads smbfs username=foo,password=bar

Hope this helps :D

Haha, this doesnt help you at all, but, I still vote SAMBA