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June 24th, 2008, 06:23 PM
Recently I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my windows PC. Please let me know how can I run Real Player on Ubuntu. I am a novice. Please explain in simple language as we teach a child.
A S Narang.

June 24th, 2008, 06:32 PM
Open a terminal (Application-->accessories--->terminal) and run the following commands:
wget http://www.real.com/realcom/R?href=http://forms.real.com/real/player/download.html?f=unix/RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
chmod a+x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
sudo ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

June 25th, 2008, 07:55 AM
I tried the suggested commands but I got the reply that no such file or directory exists.

June 25th, 2008, 08:14 AM
I followed the following steps to install RealPlayer in my computer.
*)Download and save the installation file from http://www.real.com/linux
*)Open up a terminal and go to the directory where the downloaded file is saved.
*)use the following command to change the permissions fo r the file.
"chmod 755 <filename>.bin"
*)Now, you would be able to install the file by this command.
" ./<filename>.bin"
*)Just keep pressing Enter and the installation will be complete soon.

The downloaded filename will be RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
so replace <filename> with RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

If you feel its tedious to fill long names, in directory if you want to use the filename just give first 3 or 4 letters and press <tab>key, the shell would fill it for you.

Hope I answered your questions.