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June 23rd, 2008, 03:32 PM

June 23rd, 2008, 03:52 PM
Thanks for that. Interesting indeed...

Amazing bloke really, but boy has there been an absolute wealth of Gates publicity recently. He just seems to be everywhere. There was a documentary about him on the BBC the other evening, and there seems to be loads of these articles of late around the net. I know he's leaving MS, but boy...

I have to say, and please don't hate me because I know he's doing some great things, but I find the photo opportunity charity a bit distasteful. "Bill's saving the world, people"! Yeah, not before he's eaten it all up first.

I just think charity work and philanthropy should be a deeply personal thing. The BBC doc spent a lot of time on how "giving" Gates is. It was a bit tacky imho. I think it's great he's doing it, but less self-publicity as a by product would be more tasteful in my opinion.

But, choose what you think of his company and their practices, amazing bloke.

June 23rd, 2008, 04:11 PM
I don't quite follow this Bill Gates, genius business man and all round neat guy!!!

He got lucky, bought in people and core parts of Microsoft at the right time, had a great deal of funding from family members to steady Micrsoft through the early days when they made year after year loss, put pressure out the box on people like the home brew club and Steve Jobs and others to conform to Microsoft standards, threw law suits claiming copyright, patent and IP breaches like they were confetti.

And are still doing the same today!

I have a great deal more respect for someone like Sir Alan Sugar whos billion pound empire has been built from nothing while maintaining a sense of fair play and honesty in his business dealings.

*p.s. Yes I HAVE just applied to be the next Apprentice* :D

June 23rd, 2008, 05:23 PM
Bill Gates’ “genius” all boils down to one contract MicroSoft signed with IBM.
Before this deal every computer manufacturer had their own OS with their own software titles. Apple was the most popular choice at the time and had the richest choice of software titles.

When IBM announced that they would enter the computer market the rest of the world held their breath. They knew that IBM would produce a lot of software titles for their new computer line. IBM was such a large and powerful blue chip company that surely they would come up with a product that could compete with Apple. IBM hired MicroSoft to supply them with an OS for their new computers.
MicroSoft bought DOS from a third party – oops, forgot his name. Anyway THAT’S when the stroke of genius kicked in!
Instead of selling IBM this new OS, MicroSoft said they wanted to retain the copyrights and they would lease IBM the OS. IBM was happy that they didn’t have to pay for the OS outright and signed a deal that they would pay MicroSoft a leasing fee on each computer they made.

This deal set everything in motion!

Even with all the lawyers at IBM disposable, they missed out on the “catch” with this deal. IBM had agreed to pay MicroSoft the licensing fee on EVERY computer they built – whether they installed MicroSoft’s OS or not! In their rush to get an OS they had inadvertently signed an EXCLUSIVE contract with MicroSoft!! Now they were stuck.
MicroSoft approached other computer manufacturers and offered the same OS that they were selling to IBM. The selling point was that these manufacturing companies didn’t have to worry about software titles because IBM was already writing them.

The public was too naďve to understand that having the same OS meant that you could use the same programs so someone coined the phrase “IBM-compatible”. Now the public knew that an IBM-compatible computer could use the same programs that IBM wrote for their line! There was a mad dash to buy these IBM-compatible computers as they were often cheaper than the real IBM computers since these companies didn’t have to pay for the development costs.
When software companies realized that so many people were buying IBM-compatible computers they starting writing even more software to run on those computers. Soon there was a huge library of IBM-compatible software titles available and it’s been that way ever since.

In one way this was a good thing. It standardized an industry that was at the time all over the place. It also started making these personal computers less of a toy and more of a usable tool.
To hear Bill Gates try and say that he made a superior product is laughable. MicroSoft’s success was a direct result of that deal they made with IBM.

Canis familiaris
June 23rd, 2008, 05:34 PM
Bill Gates’ “genius” all boils down to one contract MicroSoft signed with IBM.