View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wine 1.0 breaks IE

June 23rd, 2008, 08:10 AM
I just experimented and found out that upgrading wine to version 1.0 breaks Internet Explorer. I got it up and running without problems with wine 0.9.5 but once i upgraded to version 1.0 thru the update manager, running "ie6" in the terminal gave this response below, and nothing else happens:

kenninaz@kenninaz-desktop:~$ ie6
detecting Wine version... done.
Drive C: is /home/kenninaz/.wine/drive_c
Wine 0
wine is executed as wine
Parameters are

On the contrary, installing uTorrent in wine 0.9.5 did not work properly, but upon updating wine to version 1.0, it ran without a hitch.

how do I make both IE and uTorrent work with one version of wine? Any version?