View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation interrupted at cleaning step and will not boot

June 23rd, 2008, 03:00 AM
I've intalled my first version of linux ever today (8.04 alternative)and I had so many problems is unvelievable.
First, it does not have a resume for the installation process (?) and the rescue wants me to re partition everything!!! And does not allow me to continue with, for example the installation step of installing the boot manager again without partitioning and re-installing the base plus programs.
Im in graphic level... no idea of text installation.
Please, somebody give me a reason to try a 3rd. time from 0.
It took me ll day today and I'm so mad that my child interrupted the power at the 98% at the cleaning (last step)???

Please help me to force the system to finish the cleaning and whatever to finish the installation once for all.