View Full Version : Ideas for my laptop setup.

June 23rd, 2008, 01:31 AM
So I was thinking of having KTorrent on a laptop to do all my torrenting, enabling web interface, so when I'm down her on desktop I can add torrents (Desktop is shared so it's a lot easier to download on laptop) and having it download to a download folder (like /home/me/Download) or whatever.
Then having a server to access that folder, so I can download them from here. or another computer.

I realise this is fairly pointless, but I'd like to see how well I can set this up, I'm lazy, and as I said, I share the desktop so I couldn't be downloading as much from there.

But what type of server should I use (HTTP/FTP etc.)?
I was thinking of just setting up apache with PHP, that way in addition to having access to the downloads I could mess around with PHP on it (maybe make an interface for the files, with options to delete, move, rename etc., or just do some unrelated stuff.)
However, with FTP it would be easy to download the files, delete, rename them and stuff.
A cool third option would be to just get out Kate and start coding some C++, but I think I'd trust a proper server a bit more not to fail.

tl;dr: What type of server should I use to access files on my laptop from my desktop