View Full Version : [ubuntu] smbk4 for Gnome? (Mint5)

June 22nd, 2008, 09:59 PM
hi guys

not sure if here is right place, i'm using Mint 5, i had same problem with Ubuntu 8.04 so i'll ask anyway

basically i want to browse network hard drives in XP machine,i cannot see any XP machines in browser at all.

i gave up and searched on google and found smb4k but it's for KDE but installed.

Opened smb4k and BANG, i can see the XP machine within my network. clicked SERVER, it's asks for administrator password, then browse inside the 2 NTFS partitions. play videos streaming etc with no problem. Also automatically appears on my desktop. see the screenshots.

why i cant do this with default Gnome browser?