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October 29th, 2005, 03:11 PM
I think I've gotten everything I need, at least for now, from the boards. I'm still planning on reading up on them every now and then, but I probably won't be posting much (not that I did anyway). Most of what I needed to know was already here somewhere, asked by someone else a long time ago....all I had to do was find it. :)

A friend gave me the Warty CD's almost a year ago, and they sat in a desk drawer all that time, until a Windows catastrophy ticked me off enough to try them out for real. I'm not sure what my category of user would be......I've used computers for about 15 years, DOS, most evey version of windows....and got to play with a Mac for about 4 hours once. But, I was by no means proficient, all I did was use packaged applications to do what I wanted to do, surf the internet, email, photoshop with my digital cameras, and balance my checkbook...that was about it. Installing and tweaking Ubuntu was the most adventurous thing that I have ever tried on a computer.

With all the good advice, shortcuts, how-to's and why-for's I found on these boards, I now have Breezy on both my desktop and my laptop, both fully functional, and along the way I even learned how to stream some really, really good internet radio stations (I love not having to listen to the local ambulance chaser's and car dealership commercials). Sooooo, I just wanted to thank all you guys, I'll keep checking in, and might even pipe up every now and then. Who knows, I might want to get more adventurous, it's been lotsa lotsa fun so far ;)

October 29th, 2005, 04:04 PM
Who knows, I might want to get more adventurous, it's been lotsa lotsa fun so far

Even if you don't, it's still great that you switched to Linux! Linux needs more than just the uber-hacker types. :-)