View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help! I've Been Trying To Change The Settings In My Wireless Router For Weeks!!

June 22nd, 2008, 02:31 AM
Ok, first of all I'm using Ubuntu Linux 7.04 x86 on my laptop and Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 on my desktop. I have the D-Link DI-604 (wired router) as well as the D-Link DI-524 (wireless router).

I am trying to dump my DI-604 and use my DI-524 because I want to use wireless for my mother's computer as well as my laptop but I want to be able to use an ethernet wire to my desktop and a wireless router can do both wired and wireless so, I have determined that a wireless router is good for me.

One day, I had my isp guy come over to bring a aDSL modem, set up my newly subscribed internet, as well as set up my DI-604 (I didn't have the DI-524 at the time). He had trouble achieving anything in Ubuntu and Xubuntu, however, he had no problem getting into the settings area on his Windows XP laptop. After having set it up in his Windows XP laptop, I used it to share my internet connection.

I am currently using that same router (DI-604) to share internet right now and I've tried not too long ago to connect to the setup area of my wireless router and it worked! But then something happened while I was uploading a firmware and it stopped working after that! I thought my problem would be that the router got bricked but I've also tried connecting my wired router and it didn't work!

I have the connection in my ethernet set as static ip and have the ip address as and the subnet mask as and the default gateway as and those settings used to work! But now they don't!! Like what happened?! I even tried with my wired router to connect but it doesn't work either! And I know my wired router isn't brocken because it is sharing my internet connection as I type this! My routers don't connect in either my laptop or desktop! What am I doing wrong??

Please help me! I am getting 50 kb/s instead of 500-625 kb/s download speed because I have an extension for my phone cable and if I could use the wireless router, I wouldn't need a long phone cable and I would only need one long ethernet cable and my mom's computer and my laptop could get the internet wiressly.

Let's just say this was a linux problem. How would I go about doing what I want in Windows XP (because I am dual-booting Windows XP on my desktop)? Can someone tell me in simple words instead of pointing me to another website that I won't understand?

Thanks in advance!