View Full Version : [ubuntu] Have WinXP & RH Fedora 8, WANT WinXP & Ubuntu

June 21st, 2008, 09:44 AM
2GB Ram
Core 2 Duo CPU 2Ghz
Dual Boot:
WinXP Pro
Red Hat (RH) Fedora 8

I've installed Ubuntu on my laptop - and basically everything went fine.

Now I want to replace the Fedora with Ubuntu ... So I booted off of the Ubuntu install CD ... and I saw the different partitions.

I didn't write them down, but basically they were:
1 - WinXp
2 - extra space
3 - RH
4 - data partition (mp3s, etc)

I was not sure if I am supposed to delete the Fedora linux partition or not.

If I am, what am I supposed to format it as after its been deleted.

Your guidance is much appreciated. I'd rather not have to reinstall the WinXP OS



How do I load Ubuntu to replace redhat?