View Full Version : [ubuntu] Epson LX 800 Printer

June 20th, 2008, 10:55 PM
:?:I'm new to Linux, and just installed Hardy last Sunday. To my surprise (...I'm used to fighting with Vista) everything happened smoothly so far: the system booted OK, sharing a PC with XP; I was able to connect to the Net and to other computers in my LAN (XP and Vista); I installed two of my HP printers, one through a router and the other through a Vista server; and I'm very excited my Ubuntu experience.

One thing I wasn't able to achieve was to install through the same Vista server, an Epson LX 800 matrix printer (...almost an antiquity), that I still need to print some specific forms with carbon copies. I couldn't find the LX 800 in Hardy's list of supported printers. Alternative drivers recommended by Epson are (in order of preference) FX-86e; EX-800; LX-86; LX-80; FX-85; FX-80; RX-80, Epson printer; and Matrix printer. Unfortunately, I couldn't find these either.

So, could anyone suggest a valid driver from the list that actually works with the LX 800?

Thanks in advance for any help!