View Full Version : [all variants] Font to small on all install...

June 20th, 2008, 10:52 PM
Not sure if this is a bug or some thing that is easily fixed.

I have been trying to install ubuntu 8.04, mythbuntu and now kbuntu. However from a live cd I can choose the language type i want to use then if I want to run the live cd or do a full install. Up till then everything is fine. After that i can not do anything a else cause if i choose to run the live cd, once booted up all the text at 1-2 pixels high in the menus, icons, everything (totally unreadable) or if I try to just install. The first window that pops up is the same, the text is totally unreadable. This means that I am unable to install anything as I cannot read anything. I feel this is really a bug with Ubuntu as I can install Fedora and SUSE with no problems at all.

1. Is there any other installs using Ubuntu/Myth that dont have a problem with the fonts/text.
2. Is there anyway to correct this. remebrr you cannont read any text to select or install anything more.

My hardware is....
AMD64 3700+
Gigabyte MB K8N51GMF-9
3gig ram
8600GT 512mb Nvidia running through DVI-HDMI
Screen SONY KLV40X350A or KLV40V300A

I have tried both screens as i have read in some forums the screen dpi resolutioncan effect it and these are the only 2 screens I own and really would like to use Ubuntu over Fedora.

Any help much appreciated...