View Full Version : [ubuntu] want help for SAMBA + OPENLDAP

June 20th, 2008, 04:06 AM
First of all this is my first post and i'm not english user .
so if some word or grammar are wrong i'm sorry :)

OK for my problem i'm now making a Ubuntu 8.04 Server and a ubuntu Client to to Create and Join Domain Environment using SAMBA + OpenLDAP.
For the server and client i use this guide .

Thing went well and now i can join the client to domain (by using username that created by server) .
And the second step i want to do some group policy. ...

Problem is
i don't know where to look at.
i go to samba website read it's manual ( that make me very dizzy ).
go search google to seek some clue and got none.
could anyone tell me where to look at or have some clue for me :confused: