View Full Version : Screen fonts in restricted applications

June 14th, 2008, 09:11 PM
I have some closed-source proprietary applications, which looks terrible due to their screen font.
For example it is Xilinx Foundation ISE.
It installs and works good, but no have settings to set font in main menu, dialogs etc.
The settings of font appearance in my Hardy (resolution in DPI, smoothing/hinting) is effective for both normal and my restricted apps.
But setting of font name and size ('Application font:') is work only for normal programs.
Additionally, I don't know, which fontname used my app.

Can I force font setting for use in my closed-source app?
How can I determine which font is my app uses?
Is bitmap fonts (not vector) exist in Ubuntu?
How to find & activate these?
Where I may find GUI (or command... uh) for disable some fonts from use?
Can anybody suggest HOWTO about font managing?

Thanks a lot!