View Full Version : [ubuntu] satellite and tv/rf reception

June 9th, 2008, 05:30 AM
Hi all folks,I`ve had a test run with ubuntu on my other comp,and was nicely surprised at how easy it was to use.
I am going to buy a new hard drive for my main computer,might i have any problems installing ubuntu without installing windows first?
Also i have a device called instant videoxpress.I normally use this device for connecting the composite video/audio of external devices[DVD player,satellite reciever]up to the video express,and then connect the usb output up to my computer and use windows movie maker to record video/audio,or use audacity to record the audio.Would i be able to carry on doing this using ubuntu.
I also have a usb satellite reciever,will there be a way to use this device also?.
I am not an expert with computers,but am willing to learn,and also contribute some time helping others with the hardware installation side of satellite and tv/radio reception if needed.
I look forward to using a computer that has only ubuntu on it.
regards spannerman