View Full Version : [ubuntu] Root error, at install.

June 9th, 2008, 01:04 AM
Hi all,

As of this weekend i decided to retake my quest to learn ubuntu after last time. now i firstly decided to install it dual boot. i did that and grub had error 21 i try'd numberless options to solve it not able to do so i was forced to format my C: Drive (good thing i partitiont before) didn't lose much data i need so no biggy :sad: . then i made a new partition for ubuntu. called I 30.8Gb big.

I installed ubuntu inside windows. i rebooted and i was realy hopeing it didn't error again but i didn't. so i got in to the screen where i choos windows xp pro sp3 or ubuntu 8.04 (64bit) i chose ubuntu it starts up loading bar gets in to the grap interface before the installtion ! it gives me the partion software going on on its own as i could see guided instalation and then half way the thing it keeps on error : root can't be defined (or something realy close to that) go back and select root (the thing is you can't go back with inside windows installation :shock: .

is there any solution i can't install it the good way so it has to be inside windows.

i know this is a wall of text i excuse me for my spelling errors any help would be nice so i can get in to the opensource community thanks in advance .