View Full Version : [ubuntu] configure graphics card screen

June 8th, 2008, 09:31 AM
When I transferred my hard drive to a new PC I got a screen telling me it was in low graphics mode and asking me to re configure and listing graphics cards and monitors. How do I get this screen back if I want to try different settings please ?

June 8th, 2008, 09:33 AM
If you have an nvidia card, go to add/remove and install the nvidia card. Then there's system-> preferences -> screen resolution etc

June 8th, 2008, 09:39 AM
Or try

sudo displayconfig-gtk

in a terminal.

Or try:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

June 8th, 2008, 09:42 AM
paste the output of

lspci so we can know what is your graphics card

June 8th, 2008, 09:56 AM
The card is a Radeon 8500 ,its working o.k. but not quite filling the screen on 1024X768 so was just going to try different settings like you can with Windows. Many thanks for your fast responses .

June 8th, 2008, 11:14 AM
Thanks a lot , that was EXACTLY what I wanted . Screen resolution now o.k.
Glad you guys are around .