View Full Version : [ubuntu] can someone verify my changes, please

June 7th, 2008, 12:53 AM
im trying to change the default setting for max files open(1024)

i did it by switching to root user, not through the terminal cause its just easier.

but i just wanted someone whos knowledgeable in this area to verify that i entered it correctly, what text characters are needed, ext..

cause im still gettin the error while downloading torrents w/ utorrent through wine but this was what they suggested to fix it.

my account is "mac" and the number is just genererally unrealisticly high, i dont know what the max is(unlike in windows which tells you the when changing Half Open Connections via comand promt), maybe i set it too high an the OS just reverted back to the default, if you know the max limit please inform me.

view the pic