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June 5th, 2008, 11:22 PM
A friend recently bought a Toshiba L30-10V laptop (UK). It came preloaded with Vista, but after a few days he realised 15 minutes to completely boot to desktop was getting to be a pain.

Foolishly I suggested he try ubuntu, one CD burn later, we were looking at the live distro desktop, he was impressed and we continued to install ubuntu proper.

He took it home and today brought it back, it has a couple of problems and I am at a loss to fix, tried my usual google-fu but it failed me :(

Ok, it can boot vista fine, it locks when trying ubuntu on battery power alone, boots ubuntu fine if on mains, that's problem No.1

Once booted, all works fine apart from sound, there is no sound :( the sound chip is an ATI IDX 450 HD sound (iirc)

I don't have access to the machine atm but will have later tonight when he fetches it over.

Not a good advert for 'easy to use' ubuntu linux.

Anyone else have this laptop and a working ubuntu? HELP!

Thanks folks,


June 6th, 2008, 12:36 AM
If Vista (or another other O/S) took 15 minutes to boot, my thoughts would be that I need to reinstall this O/S from scratch the way it is supposed to be installed. If it were my machine I would WIPE the hard drive and reinstalled the O/S from scratch (assuming I had the O/S media) and this time it would NOT have all of the JUNK that the manufacturer puts on it.

Good luck.