View Full Version : [ubuntu] Updates killed ethernet card?

June 5th, 2008, 12:12 PM
Brand new pc, running Hardy 8.04, dual core etc.

System was working normally this am.
System updates advised: all updates added.

Following required restart, the internet connection was lost.

Network manager no longer recognises the network device (ethernet-connected ASDL modem).

Cannot use manual configuration to connect

sudo pppoeconf

Declares NO INTERFACE FOUND, Sorry, no working internet card could be found...

Offers to run modconf to load driver manually

/usr/sbin/pppoeconf: 520: modconf: not found

Ran Ubuntu Hardward Tests

Realtek Ethernet Controller IS detected...
But then reports "No Internet connection"


No broadcast interface found - exiting

ifconfig returns

lo ...(etc)

but no eth0 or eth1

lshw -C network

returns: network UNCLAIMED and no LOGICAL NAME

Am now at my wits end.

Can anyone point me in a right direction?

Is this likely to be a hardware failure? (An orange light on the ethernet controller is lit)

If all else fails, is there a reliable way to roll back the updates? And then presumably selectively update?

Any other advice?

(I'm a newcomer to Ubunut...though learning fast...generally the hard way!):(