View Full Version : [ubuntu] comcast cablecard

June 5th, 2008, 03:06 AM
So I called comcast and asked about cable cards to install in my laptop. The rep never heard of such a thing . After being on hold for 20 minutes he told me I could get a cable card for $2.00 per month and a tech would need to come out and install . The installation is $16.95 , to me that seems a little crazy to slide a card into a pcmcia slot . The rep asked me what os I was running , I knew they would not support Ubuntu 7.10 so I told him Windows Xp , just to get the tech out and install the card , then I could play in Ubuntu after the tech left . The rep told me they will only install it on Windows Vista , My wifes laptop runs Vista , so I will let him install it in her laptop . Question is , does anyone have a cable card running in ubuntu from comcast ? I do not want HD content , just the premium channels , Currently I am only able to get premium channels with set top box .