View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu desktop server slow after upgrade

Los Frijoles
June 3rd, 2008, 11:39 PM
I am running Ubuntu 8 Desktop on a computer which is functioning as a psuedo-dedicated server. The computer is a Pentium III 799Mhz with 384MB RAM.

I was running Ubuntu 6 for a few months, but since it was old when I installed it, compatibility issues began to result after a while and when the locale's somehow became corrupted, I decided to upgrade. The process took about a day or so since there was so much to download and a lot of it required confirmation windows and I was unable to be around for an extended period of time that day.

After upgrading the server worked fine for a while, but then it started to slow down to the point that the proxy I use to access it while at school (it got blocked because I hosted games for a while last year when it was still running Windows XP) was rejecting it because it timed out. I originally thought it was an internet problem since our speed was undergoing changes and the IP was changing every 30 minutes to every 6 hours or so. However, now that our IP and speed has stabilized and I have had the same IP for a few weeks, the problem is still there. Also, the FTP keeps being unable to connect and the server overall is very slow.

Take a look at the slowness for yourself: http://www.cuznersoft.com/. Normally it is lightning fast (well...as lightning fast as it gets with DSL) for connecting, but now it takes forever to connect.

What can I do to fix this issue?