View Full Version : Unhappy with Ubuntu 5.10

October 25th, 2005, 04:14 AM
A month ago I tried the live cd of Ubuntu and like it. But I never broke down to install it on my system. Once 5.10 was released and I heard the reviews I decided to try. But unfortunely it seems that something was broken with it days before its released in regards to AMD64 and ATI graphics cards. After nearly spending a day on this and just learning I have decided to give up on trying to get the x-server running. I have fixed my mbr and bootcfg. I really hope this is fixed one day and when I decide to return to Ubuntu it will go much smoother.

This is a problem with installing as I never get pass the command prompts as x-server won't run. It has been document on the forum, but alas I still can't get it to work either with the ATI driver for the fxglr driver.

October 25th, 2005, 04:50 AM
Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and some investigative work to get things working on Linux. I know personally because I'm new (going on 2 months now) to Linux. I had to learn an enormous amount and jump through many hurdles to get some things to work (like my PCI Lucent modem for example.) Now, I can setup my modem hardware and get connected to the Internet in like 5 minutes.

A lot of people have experienced hardware problems with Linux. This issue is not just with Ubuntu, but it is with all kinds of distributions. NVIDIA appears to be better supported on Linux from what I've read. I have an NVIDIA card and have had no problems with it. Certain hardware just works better on Windows because manufacturers have designed it specifically for Windows and nothing else (dang blamit win-hardware!)

Apart from hardware stuff, I personally have experienced tons of bugs, annoyances, and instability in both KDE and GNOME. I hope the issues can be worked out the in future. I can live with these things until there are fixes or solutions for them, instead of temporary workarounds.

My advice to you is use what you are most comfortable with right now. In the meantime, you might want to check out SimplyMepis (SimplyMepis is just simply awesome.) I consider linux kind of like an automobile that you want to work on. It's a little more complicated but it's a nice feeling in the end to get those engines revving the way you like them! It takes time to learn these things. All the best and welcome to the forums too. ;)