View Full Version : [ubuntu] Intermittent dual boot problems

June 2nd, 2008, 02:06 AM
Hardware: Dell desktop running Windows XP from hd0; Ubuntu HH 8.04 installed successfully on hd1 (or maybe they're hda and hdb; anyway, two separate drives). I happily used GRUB to select the OS to boot into, and that worked fine for a while.

Got a new flash drive, and tried installing Ubuntu on it so I could run Ubuntu from other machines. Never got it to work; tried Fedora and couldn't get that to work. Finally installed Knoppix on my flash drive, and have tried it out here at home successfully.

That is probably all a red herring, but since I did that, I've booted from GRUB into Ubuntu a couple of times like this: I see the initial Ubuntu progress indicator, then the screen clears, and then it goes to a character based screen that's scrolling through some sort of memory dump. Since I'm not in any OS I know, I can't capture it to show. The first time it happened, I tried several times on successive days, and couldn't get it to work. In desperation I booted from my Ubuntu HH 8.04 CD, and was going to reinstall but it saw that Linux was already there. I tried booting from the HD and I was fine in HH ... for a few sessions.

Now it's doing it again. I'm pretty sure the USB business is pure coincidence, but I'm baffled as to what's going on and how to fix it. My next machine will be straight Linux, I hope, but only if I don't have to expect this.